About Us

Along The Spine is a bookish shop who specialise in themed book boxes and other bookish goodies such as personalised clothing, bookish drinking ranges, Phone cases & other bookish accessories!

Founded by Meg, Along The Spine prides itself on supporting and sourcing bookish gifts for our boxes from other small businesses. 

We work closely with a fantastic set of suppliers and also have connections with big publishers and authors to help bring the very best releases and titles to our products. 

Any fellow book lover can find something for themselves here at Along The Spine! We believe in bringing something different, new & exciting to the industry and at affordable prices.

Founder & CEO

Hey guys, my name is Meg and I am 23 years old! I re-found my love for reading back in 2020 and built Along The Spine up from the ground whilst I was on maternity leave with my daughter Ella. I created Along The Spine because I knew I wanted to create a business and I wanted to base it upon something that I love to show Ella that she can be whatever she wants to be as long as she works hard. I dedicate this business to her and to my wonderful team and customers.

Along the spine reps


Hello! I’m Han, a lover of all things fantasy, mythology and smut. I started my bookstagram (like a lot of people) during covid and it’s honestly been the best thing I ever did. I love talking about all things books, especially if they involve a handsome fae male…or two….

Insta: @hanreads_books


Hey, I’m Lucie! When I’m not reading (pretending to read) my law textbooks, I will typically have my head in a fantasy book. My favourite form of procrastination is talking about books. Please ask me what my favourite book is so that I can avoid all of my responsibilities for the rest of the day.

Insta: @lucieslibrary_


Hey i'm Daisy & I am 25 working in the marketing industry! I have always had a love for books but I was drawn into the world of bookstagram in 2020 (first lock down) and have never looked back! It has introduced me to some amazing book & other book lovers! My main genres are Fantasy, Greek Mythology & Horror!

Insta: @flower_literature


Hi I’m Soph! You’ll usually find me obsessing over my cat Winston and reading a selection of fantasy and smut (or a combination of both). I absolutely love reading and will often spend a lot of my time trying to convince my friends to read my favourite books.. did someone say From Blood and Ash?

Insta: @sophdoesbooks


I’m Elss, a certified smut whore and 100% unashamed. The dark side of life found me a little over a year ago and I’ve never gone back. Totally here to scream all things dark and steamy with you.. or at you, is probably more accurate. Stay spicy! 😈🌶

Insta: @elsspages


Hey hey hey, I’m Courtney, a dark romance reader who shamelessly loves to read smut and also enjoys diving in to a taboo treat from time to time! Just living my best life being unapologetically myself as I’m here for a good time not a long time 😽✌🏼

Insta: @court_between_chapters

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